DIY: Painting Furniture

September 9, 2014

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to try a DIY project together so we painted his furniture! This was our first time doing something like this, so we had no idea what to expect or what the “proper” way was. In the end, we were both pretty impressed with how it came out.

Before starting this project, we took all the shelves and drawers out of all the furniture to make for an easier application.

After that, we began sanding each piece of furniture until the shine was removed.


The paint we decided on was a Valspar Ultra Paint + Prime Gloss in Black.

We painted the furniture with a paint roller for the larger areas and then a brush in the places the roller couldn’t get. We ended up needing 2 coats.

Here are some more pictures of some of his other furniture we painted.


The only problem we experienced was the paint was not drying properly. That could be due to it being hot and humid out or just because the paint was very thick. It ended up taking a few days to properly dry, without being tacky.

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