What is a Jade Roller + Does it Work?

October 23, 2018

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything beauty related on my blog. I thought I would start off by sharing my experience with using a jade roller.

After doing some research, I learned that jade rollers have actually been used in China since the 7th century! How cool is that?! I think a lot of people look at jade rollers and probably think its a gimmicky item but jade rolling has actually been around for quite some time.

Other important things to note, jade is known to have many healing properties and relaxes the nervous system. It is the stone of beauty and eternal youth in Chinese culture.
As you can see, I decided to go with a Rose Quartz roller. Rose quartz is believed to have anti-aging properties and gives off powerful vibrations of love and warmth. You should get the same overall effects with any stone.

So what do jade rollers do?

– They help with lymphatic drainage.
– Help with anti-aging.
– Reduces puffiness.
– Increase circulation.
– Tone up facial muscles.
– Increase product absorption.


How do I use it?

* I do one side of my face first then move onto the other.
1. Start with clean skin
2. Apply a serum
3. Begin rolling down your neck in a downwards motion.
3. Make your way to your jaw, rolling across towards your ears and then back down your neck (this is going to drain the lymphatic system).
4. Keep going up your face rolling towards your ear/ temple area.
5. Roll under and over your eyes, stopping at the temple area. This is going to help with undereye puffiness!
6. Once you get to your forehead, I keep rolling up and away to the temple area.

You can switch up which side of the roller you use. I typically use the smaller side around my eyes!

I mainly got the roller because I’ve been looking into ways to drain my lymphatic system. I have noticed reduced puffiness on days that I use it. Especially under my eyes.  Another thing I’ve noticed is how tingly your face feels after you use it which I’m assuming is due to the circulation!

Overall, I think this is a cool skincare tool and I plan to keep using it. Have you guys tried Jade Rolling? Let me know if you do and saw results!

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